Diamonds and Lasting, Proven Value

Confession: the diamond commercials have been driving me insane for months. Today I decided instead of allowing them to irritate me I’d mine them for the wisdom I know to be true.

I write from my own life experience and very intentionally share experiences and insight that would absolutely have been of benefit to my younger self.

One diamond store here in Charlotte (among other diamond and jewelry stores) has been on a marketing blitz lately. I thought it would end with the holidays but instead it’s ramped up. And it makes me want to scream at the radio because diamonds are NOT an investment.

One of the current radio commercials references the “lasting and proven value” of diamonds that they provide. I call absolute bullshit. The retail price of diamonds compared to their later value is at best a 25% or so return. That’s a shitty investment if you ask me.

Hey, I get that you’re a business and all businesses are profit oriented. But your marketing message is rooted in deception and I take issue with that all day long so yes, I’m using my blog to call out the total bs in your advertising. My days of censoring my voice have long since passed.

While married I had gorgeous diamonds. I selected the engagement stone, setting, wedding band and even paid for a good portion of it all. They were brilliant and stunning. And they were tied to a miserable marriage.

Once I decided to sell those diamonds I was horrified to realize the ridiculous reality of their actual worth. The engagement ring alone cost more than $16,000 and my return on all of those pieces was less than 25% of that stupidly high “investment”.

Diamonds and such jewelry now fall firmly into the category of “that’s great if it makes you happy“. I’ve been cured of any interest in diamonds along with having children or being legally married.

If you love the way diamonds or such jewelry looks and choose to buy it, go for it. But it is NEVER ever a “lasting and proven value”. It is also never correlated with the strength, depth or solidity of a partnership.

Such jewelry commercials also assert that they’re in the “love business”. Once again, I call absolute bullshit to a marketing ploy.

Heartfelt connection, partnership and commitment can never and will never be proven or validated by anything external. They are invisible and powerful but they don’t require a legal contract or a shiny rock.

The irony is that my birthstone is actually diamond. One of the many beautiful gifts of divorce is that I get to decide and choose everything in my life. So if I choose to release the traditional birthstone for myself I’m free to do so.

I’d choose Sapphire as being more closely aligned with me, and that stone doesn’t come with the heavy marketing and materialistic bias that diamonds carry.

Dear younger self, you’ll realize one day that true sparkle, truth, brilliance, lasting and proven value can never be captured in a ring on your finger. And you’ll be forever grateful for that wisdom. That wisdom holds true lasting and proven value that is priceless.

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Magic and Allowing

I’ve believed in magic for as long as I can remember and have noticed myself saying for years there is NO such thing as coincidence.

Within the past few years I cannot deny a force beyond what I can logically explain when it comes to people, situations and experiences unfolding. Magic is everywhere. And the more I lean into it the more it accelerates.

Last September/October the pace seemed to pick up . Connections that had been holding me at arms length allowed me in and likewise I allowed even more new people into my life.

Within the past 24 hours I’ve been left absolutely speechless at even more synchronicity, magic and brilliance. Woke up to a podcast alluding to the simplicity and trusting nature of magic as simply feeling into the next right thing that wants to happen. Shared with me by one whom I regularly exchange brilliant inspiration back and forth. Hey girl 😉

Met a lady and within minutes we were sharing really deep personal experiences. She noted I must have done lots of therapy (well, yes the informal kind and I speak that language).

The next talk I’m doing includes a specific piece and two days later the exact same topic arose from one of my closest friends.

I don’t normally like people immediately, often I tend to watch and observe to see how I feel about them. And yet, sometimes I feel an attraction immediately. Those immediately felt connections are always significant no matter how long they take to align.

Magic isn’t smoke and mirrors, it exists in our everyday reality and it is brilliant. When we get the hell out of our own way. Relying on intellect has its place. So does relying on our own intuition, heart and the absolute magic of allowing.

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The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC, Heartfelt, Empowering Real Estate in Charlotte NC


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