Leaping Into the Unknown: What to Expect

The unknown. It’s that place that lies outside of your comfort zone, whatever that looks like for you. Buying a home is a journey into the unknown. Ending a marriage, taking a new job, going somewhere you’ve never been, graduating, retiring, moving to a new city, there are a million variations on the unknown.

You should first know that any unknown inevitably holds within it gifts, wisdom and beauty that you can’t see yet. Mainly because the unknown is well, not yet known so it’s dark and unclear. Which is part of what scares the crap out of most of us.

We humans like routines, comfort, the predictable, we like what’s familiar. This preference for comfort zones is what keeps some of us stuck in dead end jobs, loveless (even toxic or abusive) marriages, one sided friendships (with bio-energetic vampires), unhappy with our living situation, or mired in any number of unhealthy situations. For far too long.

Many of us don’t leap into the unknown until we’re utterly exhausted, completely fed up and at the point of not having a damn clue what, all we know is NOT THIS. Not anymore.

So we leap into an unknown that can seem like the edge of a cliff and we have no idea where or even if, we’ll land nor whether we remembered to pack our parachute.

Leaping into the unknown is at the same time terrifying and exhilarating. Because for all we don’t yet know, we do know we’re ready to take back the driver’s seat position in our own lives. We’re ready to change and in many cases, find a much truer version of ourselves and lives that look a whole lot more aligned with what brings us joy.

Here’s what I know about taking the leap into the unknown. Yes, it’s terrifying and unpredictable and no, you can’t control what it will look like. But by leaping you are choosing brave over stagnant and strength over complacency. You are saying a huge hell YES to yourself and what matters most to you.

In that space of the unknown there are people more magical, inspiring, joyful and heartfelt than anything you can imagine. And they will welcome you with open arms, sharing their stories and allowing you to begin sharing your own.

You don’t need a parachute, you have all that you’ll need already within you. The greatest and most beautiful gift the unknown is waiting to share with you: the ability to begin learning to trust and believe in yourself. THAT gift is like a true super power.

The ability to design a life that you love living and one that brings you endless amounts of joy is super exciting and not to be underestimated. Imagine the possibilities because they are indeed endless.

You are worthy of love, respect, and yes even joy simply because you are you. I’m cheering you on as you journey into the unknown and beyond. I can’t wait to see your story continue to unfold.

Considering a leap and wondering if it’s worth taking? In my experience, the answer is always a hell yes.

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South Charlotte Entry Level Price Points

What are the entry level price points for homes in the South Charlotte area?

Generally $250-$300,000. Right now there’s nothing for sale priced under $200k and inventory is very limited even in the $200s.

Over $400,000 is where homes are generally on the market longer and there’s a higher level of inventory over that threshold. Over $400k is also where the majority of price decreases are and have been happening.

Whatever your home buying budget, focus on the monthly payment comfort zone and discuss options with your local trusted mortgage pro when it comes to down payment.

For buyers looking to live in the South Charlotte region, in general entry level is solidly over $200k with increasing options over $375-$400k and up.

Copyright©2017 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “South Charlotte Entry Level Price Points”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC’s real estate market serving neighborhoods in Charlotte NC



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