Deeper Levels of Authentic Alignment

I’ve been a Broker in Charge for nearly ten years but until recently it was with a firm that I didn’t own.

That changed in November 2017 when McDermott Real Estate was born. It had become clear that staying with the prior firm wasn’t in alignment with my highest values and ideals, it wasn’t honoring my authentic self fully.

So, in yet another example of terrifying myself, I leapt and started my own real estate firm.

As much as it does terrify me, it’s also really exhilarating because it brings the opportunity to even more deeply align everything in my life with my heartfelt values: including honesty, integrity, respect, even humor.

I’ve found it to be true that when one major relationship shifts or ends (hey, divorce!) it brings to light a lot of other relationships for evaluation.

What I’ve also learned these past few years is that I can no longer stay small, dim myself, or sacrifice my values for the comfort or approval of anyone else. Above all else, I must stay true to me.

I don’t love sellers and listings. That may not be the “typical” real estate agent outlook but it’s mine. Aside from past buyer clients ready to sell and move up or downsize, I do not enjoy working with sellers. So I don’t have to.

I do LOVE connecting with people, listening to and learning about them, their goals and visions. Helping them achieve their home buying goals is a passion. As is empowering women throughout the home buying process whether those women are single, divorced or even married.

I’m passionate about empowering women in the home buying process. I’ve experienced it firsthand as a consumer seeing women (and their intuition and insight) not given enough/any credence.

Now that I fully get to align my business with my authentic self, I’m excited to blend empowering badassery and heartfelt connection with the home buying process even more deeply than ever before.

Onward and upward into 2018. May you enjoy a peaceful rest of this year and very Happy New Year!!!

All the Best,


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The Price of External Justification

Using and allowing external justifications for relationships, situations or decisions carries an invisible cost: Your internal peace and joy.

Justifying anything with something external is a choice even when we don’t consciously realize we’re making that choice.

I did this myself for years with my marriage, work and professional relationships and clients. My own external justifications were often tied to what I perceived as the expectations of other people, real or in many cases only imagined.

Ignoring my internal wisdom exacted a price of my internal joy and peace since I wasn’t in alignment with what I wanted, needed, craved and was instead allowing my life experiences and decisions to be at the mercy of anything but my own internal truth.

Allowing external justifications to influence my decisions led to me living in a house I didn’t love (see How Sometimes a First House is Like a First Husband) along with many other less than joyful experiences.

External justifications are a crappy reason to do anything and they come with the silent but significant cost of internal joy and peace.

Throughout the home buying process, if something doesn’t feel right to you TRUST that. Even (maybe especially) if you can’t explain it. Using external justifications for any major life decision is a highway to regret, resentment and frustration. Trust yourself to know what is and what is not right for you.

By the way, this also applies to the very decision of whether to buy a home as well as whether to buy a home with another person. Homeownership isn’t ideal for everyone or for everyone all the time, and it’s never a decision that needs to include justification based on anything but your own preferences, needs, wants and desires.

Copyright©2017 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “The Price of External Justification”

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