Ever known anyone whose living situation is so heavy, dark and toxic they’d rather be anywhere but home? That was me in 2015 and as I heard myself say “I don’t want to go home” I knew the situation couldn’t continue. So I ended my marriage and began walking the pathway of divorce. After many months my home is truly a sanctuary and a space I absolutely adore coming back to each day – trust me the transition has been a process!

As Charlotte’s Best Buyers Agent I support, guide and educate and empower buyers navigate the process of transitioning from a living situation that simply isn’t working (renting, too small, doesn’t meet their needs, new to the area) to a house they will love coming home to and calling their own.

As of 2017 I’m officially joyfully divorced and am deeply passionate about working with single home buyers and divorced women home buyers.

The home buying process is like a roller coaster with unexpected twists, turns, highs and lows. While I can’t ride the roller coaster FOR you, I am there to help make sure you stay on track and end up joyfully at the destination that makes the most sense for your needs today and in the years to come.

Connection, integrity, sincerity and loyalty are the core values that I am grateful to share with my valued home buyer clients. It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of their unique journey of buying a home in the Charlotte area. I love seeing clients achieve their home buying goals and transitioning from a place of “this just isn’t working for me” to a home that they are excited about creating memories in with friends and family.

Diane McDermott

Charlotte’s Best Buyers Agent

NC Real Estate Broker

McDermott Real Estate


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