Endings, Beginnings and a Shift in Client Focus

Endings and beginnings are inextricably tied together. Whether it’s a relationship, mindset, perspective, personal or professional standard one thing cannot end without inviting in something new.

Approaching this time of year always brings reflection on many levels for me and this year is no exception.

I actually did a rather impressive purging back in January and February but another cycle started in March and I continue to consider what stays, what goes and what needs to shift both personally and professionally.

I’ve always enjoyed working with repeat clients and while driving to a closing recently, I realized those are the only clients I want to work with going forward. I don’t want, need nor must I accept any new home buying clients. Being the Broker in Charge and firm owner certainly has its perks.

This new insight and shift has been unfolding over about six months so it wasn’t shocking but it was helpful to realize and recognize this new awareness.

Back in January, I began actually taking steps to shift professionally from real estate to writing. I knew I’d keep the real estate business but didn’t know what I really wanted that to look like until now.

Repeat clients are different from new ones in that we’ve already successfully worked together. We know one another’s style, I’m clear on their processing and communication preferences. In a word? It’s FUN. It flows and it just works with a depth of trust that’s been established over time.

Those are the only clients I’ll accept and serve going forward, because while the process of real estate isn’t my passion the people I serve are.

This decision and awareness isn’t based on capability. It’s about passion.

In recent weeks several people I’ve never met have reached out about possibly working together as a buyers agent. One message was so steeped in self absorption I immediately deleted it without replying. Others I’ve simply referred to trusted real estate broker friends of mine.

Shifting and ending my personal real estate business policy allows me to expand and explore more fully the writing opportunities that are rapidly unfolding.

I used to actively resist endings. Now I just see them in a different light, and know they hold an invitation of possibility as well as experiences even better than I could imagine.

As I get ready to post this I’m crying uncontrollably as another unforeseen ending unfolds. This one actually has me wondering what the actual fuck? And it HURTS.

And yet, standing in my kitchen after picking myself up off the floor I remind myself to breathe and wonder what wonderful things are yet to come. That doesn’t erase the pain but it helps. So does reading the words I’ve written to myself.

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Endings, Beginnings and a Shift in Client Focus”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC, Heartfelt, Empowering Real Estate in Charlotte NC



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