Magic and Allowing

I’ve believed in magic for as long as I can remember and have noticed myself saying for years there is NO such thing as coincidence.

Within the past few years I cannot deny a force beyond what I can logically explain when it comes to people, situations and experiences unfolding. Magic is everywhere. And the more I lean into it the more it accelerates.

Last September/October the pace seemed to pick up . Connections that had been holding me at arms length allowed me in and likewise I allowed even more new people into my life.

Within the past 24 hours I’ve been left absolutely speechless at even more synchronicity, magic and brilliance. Woke up to a podcast alluding to the simplicity and trusting nature of magic as simply feeling into the next right thing that wants to happen. Shared with me by one whom I regularly exchange brilliant inspiration back and forth. Hey girl 😉

Met a lady and within minutes we were sharing really deep personal experiences. She noted I must have done lots of therapy (well, yes the informal kind and I speak that language).

The next talk I’m doing includes a specific piece and two days later the exact same topic arose from one of my closest friends.

I don’t normally like people immediately, often I tend to watch and observe to see how I feel about them. And yet, sometimes I feel an attraction immediately. Those immediately felt connections are always significant no matter how long they take to align.

Magic isn’t smoke and mirrors, it exists in our everyday reality and it is brilliant. When we get the hell out of our own way. Relying on intellect has its place. So does relying on our own intuition, heart and the absolute magic of allowing.

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