The Power of Asking What If?

Open-ended questions of all kinds are powerful and expansive. They open up new realms of possibilities and are certainly very effective in one on one meetings with new connections. They are founded in curiosity and there’s one in particular that is a current favorite of mine: What if?

What if this really could be fun? What if wonderful things are unfolding? What if the possibilities are indeed endless?

Asking myself “what if” invites me to consider things I might not otherwise have noticed, allowed or experienced.

“Broken” people are dangerous because we’re survivors and illuminators. We’ve navigated and moved beyond experiences that threatened to shatter us and yet somehow we didn’t just survive, we found ways to thrive. So many of us are also sharing our experiences and shining a light for those walking the same pathways at different paces.

I have no idea what tomorrow, next week or next year holds. I do know that curiosity, an open mind and heart are far more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced.

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