Killing Off Old Versions of Myself

I have fascinating conversations all the time. Several recent ones have involved the fact that I continue to reinvent, recreate and evolve myself while also killing off and releasing prior versions of me.

If I’m honest the old me from even three years ago is unrecognizable to me today. I am not her and she’s not me.

Part of the beauty of this life is that we can always choose. We can choose to grow, change, evolve and shift into a different version of ourselves.

In my case I continue to shift into ever more soulfully aligned versions of my authentic self. Inevitably people, habits, and things out of alignment fall away. That isn’t always comfortable even when I’m the one doing the cutting away.

As I step even more deeply into something that’s been a natural gift for as long as I can remember the voices of fear, doubt and self criticism are strong. But the new version of me will not stay silent.

Old me would be horrified by oh so many of the things new me is doing, trying and stepping into. Old me is being retired yet again in more aspects of my life than I can count. And honestly, it feels amazing.

Life isn’t stagnant unless we cling and clutch to the old, outdated, familiar and “safe”. Life is fluid, flexible, ever changing and evolving. As are we, when we allow ourselves to unfold and expand into our potential.

Killing off old versions of myself is apparently an ongoing process. Old me would be horrified to hear me say I’m joyfully divorced, a writer, beloved friend, sister, my own fiercest advocate. There are many reasons she’s been killed off and released.

Life is indeed a journey and as I write this there are SO many open ended questions I could ask myself about where this is all going. Yet as I continue this journey, the answers don’t really seem to matter all that much. What does matter? That I stay true to and express my most authentic, genuine and heartfelt self more than ever before.

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