The Most Important Factor When Hiring a Professional

There is one universal factor that applies when it comes to choosing a professional. Whether that’s a real estate broker, mortgage loan officer, divorce attorney, anyone who will in any way represent you and your interests.

What to look for when choosing a professional to represent you? Are they a safe place to land.

You could also look at it as “would I choose this person if I were looking for a trusted therapist”? Because really, while not perhaps clinically or officially designated therapists real estate brokers, mortgage pros and yes even divorce attorneys are unofficial versions of a therapist. *I can hear my family law and social work friends bristle at that and NO I’m not suggesting we actually practice therapy but there are commonalities*

The bottom line is: are they and can they be a safe and trusted space for you as you navigate a stressful live event?

I (only sort of) joke that people tell me shit. All. The. Time. I was recently a passenger with some guy I’d never met and started a conversation. At one point he stopped, gave me some serious side eye and said “I’m not sure why I’m telling you all of this”. I bounced up and down in my seat assuring him he was safe. I actually was a therapist in a former life and am known by close friends as a vault.

When considering hiring a professional to guide and walk with you through a transitional period of your life, I beg you to consider whether or not they will be a safe and trusted space. Because that one factor makes ALL the difference.

As much as I am actually a vault for others including clients, at the same time I also need safe spaces to emotionally fall apart and be held. Opening up to allowing that has been a lesson in humility.

The people I turn to when I’m having a meltdown of any kind? They’re the best, most brave, loving, kind and fierce people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They have my back in an instant just as I have theirs. And they are priceless. They also happen to be kickass business owners, professionals, artists and brilliant humans who continue to gift me with wisdom I didn’t know I needed. They are my closest circle and they are pretty damn amazing.

So when considering hiring ANY professional, ask yourself: can this person be a safe and trusted space for me as I go through this transition? It just might make all the difference.

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