The Freefall of Arms Wide Open

There’s a dynamic that is wonderful, often unexpected and stunningly beautiful. The freedom and freefall of opening our arms wide open to the unexpected.

My speaking voice is wavering because it’s been in such high demand for six or so weeks. And yet, conversations and communication keeps showing up.

As I walked out of a meeting this morning I had my phone in hand and saw a super trusted friend calling. We talked for nearly twenty minutes and it was pure magic (as it usually is) to the point I was pacing and dancing around the parking lot one minute then nearly full on crying the next.

When we open ourselves up to really embrace this messy human experience it gets real. Fast. Yet the openly embracing holds so many gifts. The messy middle may not be where we plan to go but in those depths there are gifts of wisdom.

Opening our arms wide feels vulnerable and risky beyond belief. It can literally feel like a freefall into unknown depths where we have no idea what will unfold next.

The freefall of opening ourselves isn’t comfortable and it isn’t predictable. But it’s where ALL of the magic in life resides. No matter the outcome, that freefall of opening arms wide open has brought exactly what I needed in those moments.

That is beautiful and I am grateful beyond belief for those who catch and witness me in my moments of freefall. I’ve got your back too. Let’s do this, it is pure and true magic!

Copyright©2018 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “The Freefall of Arms Wide Open”

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