Sage Organizing in Charlotte NC

I met the owner and founder of Sage Organizing at Business Sorority and for months I’d see her and think, I really want to connect with her but it didn’t work out until recently for us to meet one on one and have a conversation.

My intuition wasn’t wrong (shockingly) on wanting to get to know Candi. She is all kinds of fabulous and radiates an energy of warmth and comfort. She’s the type of person that just puts you at ease and makes you feel like it’s safe to just be yourself.

Candi founded Sage Organizing based on her natural gifts at organizational processes and management and the services her company offers also includes a passion of hers in handling estate clearing.

If I had to sum up Candi in a word it would be “trustworthy”.

Whether it’s downsizing and estate clearing (I have seen how massive those jobs can be in my own work. Walking around the piles of stuff is super fun while showing a house and watching out for my client’s physical safety amidst the chaos is an added bonus), home organizing services or organizing your move to a new home Candi is an incredible resource.

She walks her clients through transitions with a grace I tremendously respect and is truly gifted at what she does. She’s also just a kind and genuine lady and that shines through in her work.

If you or anyone you know is in need of home organizing, estate clear out or moving organization check out Sage Organizing, Phone is 704-856-9811, They also have a blog where they share great info and additional insight: Sage Organizing in Charlotte NC Blog

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Diane is deeply passionate about serving single and divorced women home buyers, first time home buyers and new to the area buyers navigate the Charlotte area home buying process. Having navigated separation and divorce she has immense respect for the stress of transition and need for a home living situation that supports and nurtures. She connects and guides clients as they navigate the home buying process, transitioning to a space they'll love calling home. McDermott Real Estate
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