Charlotte Mecklenburg Voter Sample Ballot Resource

Election day is coming on November 6th and if you live in Mecklenburg County there’s a great resource to view a sample ballot prior to voting. Simply select “view my sample ballot” and enter your address.

As an unaffiliated voter I make my own decisions on candidates and do my research prior to voting. Viewing your Charlotte sample ballot may be helpful if you’re interested in going beyond any mailings or calls you may have received.

It beats showing up to vote and not having a clue about more in depth info on candidates.

I don’t care what your political affiliation or beliefs are, PLEASE VOTE.

It wasn’t all that many generations ago that women didn’t have the ability to vote and I’m always so aware of that fact. I vote because I don’t take that opportunity lightly or for granted, and regardless of whether my vote ends up in the “winning” candidate’s tally I will always use and express my voice by voting. I highly encourage all Charlotte Mecklenburg (and voters everywhere) to do the same.

Use your voice. Express your opinions and preferences with your vote.

I typically do still vote on election day since my polling location is super easy and there’s never much of a wait but for those interested, early voting is an option through November 3rd.

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