Deeper Levels of Healing and Lessons from a Hurricane

IMG_20181011_172620_875Charlotte is several hours inland and isn’t typically a hot zone for hurricanes to pass through. Yet we’ve just had two within a month of one another.

This most recent hurricane happens to have shared a name with my ex husband. Even some close friends wouldn’t have made the connection as he’s very much He Who Shall Not Be Named, yet I was of course very aware of the association.

These are just my thoughts and musings on even deeper levels of healing and storms of life experience:

– Storms are a part of life. Whether it’s an experience or season we encounter there are going to be storms that blow through. We cannot control the storm but we CAN control how we respond to the storm.

– As I write this some roads in Charlotte are still blocked by fallen trees and some power lines are still down. Storms can (often do) create obstacles, road blocks and temporary inconveniences. But they also inherently contain opportunity. Opportunity for appreciation and gratitude, adaptability, accessing strength we didn’t realize was within us.

– Behind and beyond the storm the light is ALWAYS there. I took the included picture literally as Hurricane Michael was exiting my area of Charlotte. The blue skies and sunshine were always behind and beyond the storm.

– Divorce happens. Life happens. Things don’t go the way we planned. Shit falls apart. Acts of nature bring unexpected circumstances. We can resist, argue, throw a temper tantrum and spend enormous energy on fighting what is unfolding. Or we can relax, trust, allow and rest in knowing that as long as we’re breathing there’s hope, and blue skies behind and beyond any and every storm. Some storms just take longer to pass and also longer for us clear out the debris they leave behind.

– Healing and storm clean up does not happen instantaneously. It’s a process. While we may sometimes wish we could wave a magic wand, healing and storm clean up take as long as they’re going to take. We can only choose to focus on the next right step for us at each moment. There’s power in that “next right step” focus. Promise.

It took me a LOOOOOONG time to reach this level of peace and non hyper-reactivity to something as seemingly simple as my ex husband’s first name. Forgiveness and compassion weren’t for his benefit, they were and are always solely for mine.

So to both the Hurricane Michael and my ex husband, I wish you both well along your journey. Thanks for the wisdom and appreciation contained within the experiences. That wisdom? It’s all mine to savor, enjoy and use going forward.

And honestly, sharing with people that this hurricane shared a name with my ex didn’t make me cringe. It made me laugh!!!!!! Fully, deeply, genuinely laugh. And for that I am grateful.

***This is not to minimize or make light of the VERY real destruction both recent hurricanes have caused. These are simply my personal ramblings and sharing. Should you feel called to donate to relief efforts for ANY of the recent hurricanes, please do so in a way that feels right to you***

Copyright©2018 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Deeper Levels of Healing and Lessons from a Hurricane”

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