Mental and Emotional Bandwidth Capacity During Seasons of Transition

While we’re in the midst of seasons of transition (whether that be buying or selling a home, divorce, business or career change or any other significant life change) our mental and emotional bandwidth capacity typically DEcreases.

These bandwidth decreases aren’t permanent but when stress rises, as it inevitably does during a transition, mental and emotional capacity are both diminished.

It’s perfectly natural that while navigating chaotic processes we simply don’t have our typical capacity at our disposal. There is NOTHING wrong with you if you experience this!

What can you do to address these lower levels of mental and emotional bandwidth capacity?

First, be aware (and reminded yourself as needed) that it’s not a reflection of you. It’s a natural part of the process of transition

Consider which tasks, commitments, activities may become lower priorities during this season. What could you reduce your engagement with or possibly stop doing during this transitional process? No is a complete sentence. Always but especially in the midst of stressful life events.

Consider which tasks, commitments, activities may become MORE of a priority during this season. I’ll suggest that anything related to your recharging, stress relief, anything that replenishes you is always super important, non-negotiably so during times of transition.

What sources of support do you have around you? Trusted friends, colleagues, possibly family as well. Who in your life has the ability to hold safe space when you need an outlet? Who in your life could have the ability to provide more assistance with any of your tasks, commitments or activities?

What boundaries do you need to strengthen, create or more consistently enforce? See my post about Boundaries not Barricades for more info on healthy and helpful boundary perspective

Seasons of transition are something we all experience in our lives. It’s SO common to find our levels of mental and emotional capacity decreased during those seasons. And that’s ok! It’s not forever and it’s absolutely not weakness to shift what, whom and where you spend your mental and emotional energy during these seasons.

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