Harry Potter Series – Book Review

I realize I’m more than twenty years late to reading the Harry Potter books, I just read them all this year.

The entire series is absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to read them again with my niece and nephews as they grow up.

J. K. Rowling created a magical, mystical and unique world that draws you in and is simply captivating.

Just catching onto this series it feels like being inducted into a fellowship of fans, including a language all its own. Some friends were sharing their Hogwarts house which puzzled me, because HOW do you find out that info?

There’s an entire website called Pottermore which is “the digital heart of the wizarding world” and it’s also where you can learn your own Hogwarts House, your patronus and even your wand.

I was sorted into Ravenclaw and honestly, that totally makes sense!

For anyone who like me somehow missed these books or never felt inclined to give them a chance, I cannot recommend them highly enough, they are pure magic.

I’m now totally a Harry Potter geek and not at all ashamed of that.

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