Divorce Podcast: Welcome to Splitsville

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Leigh Sellers, a local Charlotte area family law attorney who has an amazing podcast called Welcome to Splitsville.

Leigh is the founder of Touchstone Family Law here in Charlotte (they also have an office in Fort Mill, SC) and has a wealth of experience assisting clients navigating the foreign territory of separation and divorce. She has a keen awareness of and sensitivity to the chaos and turmoil that accompany the process of divorce.

The Welcome to Splitsville podcast is an outstanding resource if you know of anyone either considering OR currently navigating separation and divorce. Leigh shares her professional wisdom and illuminates some of the most complex topics related to divorce including separation, alimony and finances, child custody and co-parenting, division of property, and even how to stay out of court.

The landscape of divorce is truly a territory like no other and while individual experiences will always be unique, this podcast is an excellent source of relevant and enlightening information.

I vividly remember the massive feelings of overwhelm, unpredictability and uncertainty my own divorce created and sharing resources related to divorce has certainly become a passion of mine.

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