How to Lose Friends, Clients and Connections

There’s a really easy and surefire way to lose friends, clients and connections that aren’t aligned with you:

  • Get crystal clear on your values, then honor and uphold them at all times, regardless of what anyone else says or does.

Back before I knew what my values are (honesty, integrity, loyalty, etc) I was a powerful magnet for all sorts of bio-energetic vampires. It was like moths being drawn to a flame. Except it wasn’t at all fun to be that particular flame.

Now that I DO know what my values are, it’s so easy to discern when something (or someone) isn’t in alignment.

This can feel alarming at first and the old me would attempt to hold onto non-aligned connections. I couldn’t see that by leaving they’d clear space for even better friends, clients and connections.

When I meet anyone that’s not a fit it’s usually clear pretty quickly. And while I certainly do know that dance of misconnection, the shoes no longer fit.

You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes people come into our lives and the connection fades for any number of reasons. All of that… perfectly ok.

I choose to focus my time, energy and resources on the people, experiences and connections that are most closely aligned with what I value. It really makes for a far more fun and enjoyable life experience.

The connections in our lives are a garden and weeding is a natural part of caring for and ensuring it’s growth.

The best part of losing friends, clients and connections? Clarity and intentionally honoring your values makes you a truly powerful magnet for connections that ARE in alignment with those values.

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