The Enneagram – Highly Uncomfortable but Powerful

I came across the Enneagram maybe six months ago thanks to Jen Hatmaker who shared about it on instagram and her podcast.

Being the reader that I am, picked up the book The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile.

An ancient personality profile, the enneagram as the authors share isn’t really about putting you in a box but highlighting the box you’re already in. Which is pretty much the first step to climbing up and out of that box.

Rather than a justification or explanation and excuse to stay the same, it’s an invitation to really look at our deeper habits and being to see opportunities to shift to healthier expressions of ourselves.

We ALL have a shadow side and that’s where the discomfort piece comes in. It is NOT easy or comfortable to look at the ways we may not only hold ourselves back but straight up sabotage ourselves.

Apparently the type that makes you cringe in many cases is your primary type. A friend literally experienced not just resistance but genuine upset and a feeling of someone reading their innermost thoughts. Kinda creepy.

But at the same times it’s really fascinating to learn our “default” settings or tendencies and begin noticing as we become more aware of them. These “boxes” may have served us well in navigating our childhood but carrying them into adulthood, not so much.

I fall in Type 2 (Helper) with a Wing 1 (Reformer). The unhealthy sides of those are…..people pleasing perfectionism. Crap. But also enlightening because the more I’m aware, the more I can shift and choose differently.

One of my biggest self limitations has been putting literally everyone and everything ahead of myself. In the past, also denying that I have any needs or preferences. Putting myself first is still an ongoing process but one that’s important because I’m realizing I can only serve others to the extent I have the capacity to give and neglecting myself is a fast track to burnout.

I’ve been sharing the enneagram with friends and it’s really one, if not the most useful tools for self awareness and growth I’ve found. If you’re a reader check out the book, if you prefer podcasts there’s the Road Back to You podcast (included at link above) and a Typology podcast that’s great as well.

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