Confessions of a Perfectionist

I’m what I would call a “recovering perfectionist” which it turns out is a journey and process rather than a destination.

My inner perfectionist loves to get me into a state of analysis paralysis where endless evaluation of options with the false expectation that there’s a single perfect pathway brings me straight into doing nothing.

Analysis and evaluation are good things, when done in moderation rather than being used as an excuse to not act at all.

The perfectionist side of me wants every single aspect and component to be just right and outright resists the notion of perfectly imperfect. Which is also resisting being present in this moment instead of catastrophizing the future or replaying the past.

Some of the tools I’ve found helpful when I catch myself in analysis paralysis include: meditation, journaling, going for a walk, leaning on my accountability partners, asking myself if I’m using perfectionism as an excuse. Because it can be a really good excuse to stay small, dim and comfortable rather than growing, evolving and transforming.

Even writing this post brought up the perfectionist voice with seemingly valid reasoning that no one else can relate, why would anyone be interested in reading this?

So, to my inner perfectionist: External reactions to what I authentically share are exactly none of my business, so I’m posting and sharing because it feels genuine to me and is certainly something I experience on a nearly daily basis.

Do you relate to analysis paralysis and if so what have you found to be helpful in moving beyond it?

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