Stress Relief During the Home Buying Process

This is one of the least discussed yet integrally important aspects for anyone in the process of buying a home. Stress relief and self care are valid and useful considerations yet we often don’t discuss or give them much thought.

The process of buying a home is stressful. That’s not an optional ingredient in the process, going through the process of buying a home is going to create and present stress.

Different levels and intensity of stress at different points in the process and certainly for some the amount or experience of stress will vary but it’s a given that you’ll experience stress.

So what are some things you may want to keep in mind and use as needed?

Like the experience of stress, the validity of stress relief or reducers will look different for different people. For example, I tend to hold tension and feel stress most in my shoulders or neck so  for me intentional relaxation, stretching, even exercise work to release it. Personally I’m not into massages but those can work for some people.

Some simple stress relievers to consider:

Take a walk. Around the block, in nature, at a park, in the parking lot, wherever. Getting outside and walking for even 10 or 15 minutes can help

Meditation, again even 10 minutes can help

Journaling. This one is a favorite of mine and has become a daily morning practice. I’ve also been known to put myself in “adult time out” to journal out the crap in my head.

Talk and vent to trusted and confidential resources. Hopefully your buyers agent is one of these resources! I work with a lot of clients who are verbal processors and I’m a natural listener so together we can work through the stress points as they process by talking/venting.

Do something small that brings you joy. Playing with pets, lighting a favorite candle, reading, taking a bath, whatever makes you more relaxed and again it doesn’t have to be the entire day.

Give yourself credit. Find one (or more) thing at the end of the day that either went well or that you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing. This is the one my own inner critic intensely resists!

Focus on the next step. Overwhelm can become a runaway train, bring the focus back to literally what is the next right step that you can take and that’s fully within your ability to impact.

The process of buying a home is a tremendous trigger of stressful moments, situations and self induced worry, frustration and doubt. Remember that it’s not weird or bad, or anything other than a part of the process. It’s also completely OK to stop and take a few (or 30) minutes to do something that will help to reduce that stress for you.

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