Me Too: The Power of Sharing Your Story

Right now there are tons of #metoo posts circulating on social media. The viral nature of these posts being shared highlights what I’ve experienced and witnessed in my own life these past few years. The healing and connective power of sharing our stories and speaking our truths.

When speaking publicly to groups about my story and life experience as well as the wisdom I’ve learned, when sharing one on one with people in my life personally and professionally. Whenever and wherever I’ve shared any of my story and shed light on the topic of divorce, separation, grief and the death of that relationship the response has consistently remained the same.

It extends an invitation and opens the door for others to feel safe sharing and speaking their own stories and truths. To whisper (or shout) Me Too. To witness and know that others have gone through such an experience and come out the other side not just ok but with far more wisdom than before. The healing and connection power arise when we gift one another with the truth and understanding that we are not alone.

In their book, Option B, Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant speak to the stigma of silence that’s the default for our society when it comes to grief, loss and any of the less than pleasant human experiences that we ALL encounter at one point or another. The same human experiences that hold within them the opportunity for us to grow closer and connect with each other more deeply.

If we stay silent we deny ourselves that opportunity for connection at a deeper and more truthful level. We deny and keep out the very people that we might have more in common with than we can yet imagine.

It is true that not everyone in your life may be able to receive your story and hold it with respect, grace and compassion. And that’s ok! But the ones that can, those are the magical and heartfelt people you just might relate to and connect with more than you’ve imagined possible.

By sharing your story, you just might inspire someone else to do the same. And the world needs authentic and genuine wholehearted people now more than ever. This human experience is messy, complicated, brutal and heartbreaking. It is also beautiful, inspiring, brilliant and breathtaking.

My life is FULL of amazing, inspiring people who’ve chosen to drop the pretense that all of our days are all awesome, all day every day. We know better than that and we show up for and with each other anyway, celebrating the beautiful and holding space for one another through the brutal.

We each have a story, if you’re inspired to share yours we would love to hear it.

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