Permission Granted: Celebrate Your Weirdness

Each of us is unique and has gifts, talents and abilities to share with the people around us. If you sometimes feel a little weird or doubt yourself in any way, you have full and complete permission to be your authentic and perhaps weird self.

A couple of years ago I could have used this exact permission slip to simply be myself. I didn’t realize at the time that the fact that I’m breathing is the permission within me to simply, fully and completely be myself….even if that is weird.

I spent my entire marriage dimming and diminishing, even denying my own truest self, my gifts and talents as well as their expression that I have within me. If I’ve learned anything these past years of separation, divorce and beyond it’s that I will never, EVER sacrifice myself and my gifts and talents for the comfort or approval of anyone else.

My ex husband at one point told me “Diane, I’m going to need you to stop doing weird sh*t.” In reference to natural or dry shampoo or something like that. I now have moments of joy in realizing I am completely free to do weird sh*t and it is amazing.

I think each of us could be considered a little “weird” in one or many ways, but that weirdness is what makes us interesting, even fascinating and complex people. So if you’re looking for permission to own and celebrate your weirdness, permission has already been granted because you are here and you are YOU.

I’m a real estate broker who sometimes shows houses in yoga pants or workout clothes. I’ll do an early morning walk through unshowered and without makeup on, most of the time meeting a client in the same state. If you’re looking for all polished and perfect all the time, please move right along because we are not a fit.

The more I’ve owned and celebrated my unique and individual gifts, talents and abilities, even weirdness, the more absolutely incredible people have arrived in my life. I am surrounded by inspiring, loving, heartfelt friends, clients and connections…..and we’re ALL at least a little weird.

It took me a long time to understand that I’M the one I was looking for and that I belong to myself. Brene Brown’s latest book Braving the Wilderness beautifully speaks to true belonging. Highly recommend reading that book.

Wishing you a fantastic week!


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