Overlooked and Under-Discussed Home Buying Criteria

When buying a home in the Charlotte area, there are some commonly overlooked and in my opinion under discussed pieces of criteria.

Number of bedrooms, baths, number of stories, etc are what I call the Cold criteria. They’re quantifiable, and are part of a house of course. But they’re the cold criteria because they don’t include the emotional aspect of what makes a house a home.

What I refer to as the Warm criteria get more to the heart of what’s most meaningful to you, your family and your lifestyle in a home. Questions that get more to the heart of a home include “How do you want to feel when coming home each day?” “What’s most meaningful to you/family in your home?”

How do you want to feel? The answer to that isn’t measurable and it will be different for everyone, but that’s part of what’s so cool about even considering the question. Buying a home is a very personal process and the place that you choose to buy should be an overall match for how you want to feel when it comes to your home living space.

Not that you won’t make changes, repaint some rooms, personalize it to your tastes. You will. But beyond style, paint colors and how you furnish your home, underneath all of that there should be an alignment with how you want to feel about the place you call home.

When you’re planning to buy a home it’s a big commitment, take some time to consider what matters most to you when it comes to how you want your living space to feel.

Can the warm and cold criteria line up? Of course they can, if entertaining is meaningful to you the kitchen features and flow of the layout will likely be important factors. If your family hosts a lot of out of town guests a guest suite/space will be a key factor.

But don’t JUST focus on beds, baths and square footage. Really consider the deeper less obvious things that matter to you, it’ll really help you as you evaluate available options to see whether or not they’re a good fit for you!

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Diane is deeply passionate about serving single and divorced women home buyers, first time home buyers and new to the area buyers navigate the Charlotte area home buying process. Having navigated separation and divorce she has immense respect for the stress of transition and need for a home living situation that supports and nurtures. She connects and guides clients as they navigate the home buying process, transitioning to a space they'll love calling home. McDermott Real Estate
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