Before You Move Out of Your House, Contact Your Insurance Agent!!!

My experience with this is from the real estate perspective and relates to Charlotte home sellers having moved out of their house without updating their home insurance policy to reflect that the house is vacant (it’s not pretty when something happens to the house!)

Before moving out of your house, please please PLEASE contact your home insurance agent.

When a house isn’t occupied and the home insurance company isn’t aware of that – they very likely won’t cover any claims that arise. Vandalism, theft, or god forbid a fire happens at that house? You do NOT want to be the seller/homeowner that has to deal with that scenario.

Prior to closing and recording the sale of your house, YOU THE SELLER carry the risk of loss (contact an attorney if you need legal advice). Not the buyer, not a real estate agent. You.

So if you’ve moved out several weeks or more than a month ago without updating your home insurance to cover a vacant house, you could face a very ugly reality if anything does happen to the house.

The absolute best advice I can give you is before you move out of your home for any amount of time contact your home insurance agent and get their guidance on how to update/adjust your home insurance coverage.

Need a local Charlotte NC area insurance agent? Jason Sardi with Liberty Mutual Insurance is fantastic, highly customer service driven and gives straightforward honest advice.

Home insurance is not the same when you’re occupying the home and after you’ve moved out – please don’t assume that it’s fine to keep things the same!

Copyright©2014 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Before You Move Out of Your House, Contact Your Insurance Agent!!!”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in south Charlotte NC

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4 thoughts on “Before You Move Out of Your House, Contact Your Insurance Agent!!!

  1. This is EXCELLENT Diane! I’m feeling remiss that I didn’t think to write about this myself. I really need to do so because most agents don’t think to advise their sellers of this potential catastrophic pitfall. Good call on Jason Sardi… he’s my choice too! 🙂

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