Fairway Mortgage Wounded Veteran Home Giveaway in Charlotte NC

On Friday November 8, 2013 there was a real estate event in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte NC. But this was no ordinary real estate event.

It was a magical, truly inspiring, emotional, powerful day that brought me a new awareness and perspective when it comes to our country’s military and their families.

Fairway Independent Mortgage partnered with The Boot Campaign and the Military Warriors Support Foundation to give 4 mortgage free homes to wounded veterans last week.

But Friday’s event was SO much more than giving the Bendel family a new home. That alone would’ve been amazing.

I’m surely not doing it justice, the day was transformative and there was an energy that is almost indescribable. Just beautiful, supportive and full of LOVE, respect and honor for those who serve our country.

The morning consisted of Certified Military Residential Specialist training for real estate agents – truly the most incredible and valuable real estate training I’ve ever received. The privilege of serving those who so selflessly serve us is not one to be taken lightly.

Even though many of my own family members have served in the military I’d honestly never really understood or even considered the myriad of challenges that our service men, women AND their families face during and after their service. Not least of which is a sense of invisibility – that is absolutely unacceptable and from Friday forward I consider it a personal call to action.

Also at the event was a local Charlotte young man who volunteers with local veterans several days a week. Drew Hastings lost his leg after a car accident several years ago and is now giving back to veterans and forging a bond with them as he explained, centered around “HOPE”.

Drew must be an old soul as he possesses a presence and maturity at 13 that is simply astounding. Kelly Yale of Fairway coordinated Drew being at the event, shared his story with us and asked if we’d take a minute to write him a note during our break. She also shared some the family’s struggles and mentioned monetary donations would be welcome.

When Kelly introduced Drew to all of us (as we stood applauding him) she also shared that not only had we given him notes of encouragement, we’d also raised $1,300 for Drew and his family. AND that Fairway branch managers matched that amount – through combined efforts, the family was presented with more than $5,000. The astounding power of combined support, it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and witness.

Sean Parnell, author of Outlaw Platoon (a must read book!!!!) and US Army Ranger who led the platoon spoke and shared some of his stories.

home giveawayThen it was time for the home presentation to The Bendel family. As they stood on stage and Grady Bendel struggled to say more than simply “Thank You” I’m crying just remembering the moment. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. As Grady hugged his wife I can only imagine how they felt.

This Home giveaway event was bigger than the sum of any of its parts or participants (of which there are too many to thank, they’re all incredible). That tends to happen when like-minded people come together – there’s an invisible energy that’s created. This day had a powerful energy and it’s one that I will not soon forget.

With so much gratitude to all of those who coordinated, worked on, planned, worked at and helped make this day possible. I am beyond honored to have had the privilege of attending and sharing the experience of this day with all of you. I’ve been changed, and gifted with an awareness I didn’t know I was missing.

To the Bendel family, most sincere wishes for many years full of love, joy, laughter and warmth in your new home. Thank You for your family’s service.

Copyright©2013 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Fairway Mortgage Wounded Veteran Home Giveaway in Charlotte NC”

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