The Clutter Consultant in Charlotte NC – AMAZING local resource!

I recently had the chance to meet up with Charlotte’s very own Clutter Consultant, Lianne Hofer and I just HAVE to share I’m so excited about this awesome local resource!!!

Whether it’s organizing, decluttering, preparing a home for real estate market presentation (you know, when your real estate agent tells you it’s time to get rid of some “stuff” :)), to moving/packing/move in organization, Lianne’s a powerful and valuable resource when it comes to our homes and “stuff”.

She’s also a very engaging, compassionate lady who’s not just extraordinary in her organizational skills…she cares about her clients and helping them make progress with whatever their biggest need is when it comes to clutter/organizing.

Got clutter and need help? Get in touch with Charlotte’s Clutter Consultant!!! She’s truly fantastic. Even if you don’t live in Charlotte, Lianne does consultations and works with clients outside of this area too!

To get in touch with Lianne, check out her website The Clutter Consultant

Also be sure to “like” her Facebook Clutter Consultant Page – she posts TONS of cool, simple practical and really useful tips on there all the time!

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