Dear Seller: That Aggressive Dog of Yours IS Hurting Your Chances of Selling Your Charlotte NC Home!!!


How could an aggressive, unfriendly, not-so-nice, or even just a territorial dog impact selling your Charlotte NC home?

Well assuming you’re not letting the dog loose on buyers agents and buyers, that “not so nice with strangers” pup can still hurt your chances of successfully selling a home and the biggest way is by impacting or restricting access.

Buyers and Buyers Agents need to be able to have access to your home while it’s on the market. That means they have to be able to enter and while a day or more notice may be ideal, it doesn’t always happen that way, sometimes it’s a few hours or the evening before when we have an appt request to view your home.

And if you have no arrangements for either securing or removing that mean dog from the house or property, sometimes on short notice… can cause some serious problems for you as a seller. Not least of which is turning off buyers, making your competition look better, or not giving buyers the chance to ever actually SEE your home in person and getting crossed off their list of contenders.

If you have a not so nice dog (or a dog that’s not super friendly with strangers) it does take some planning before putting your Charlotte NC home on the market – can a friend or relative keep the dog? is the dog safe to crate ahead of time for showings? who can help with either securing or keeping the dog off the property during showings? can a friend or neighbor take the dog for a walk during showings?

You do NOT have to get rid of your dog when selling a home but it IS important to consider and have plans in place for your pup to maximize showing accessibility and allowing as many buyers in as possible. Because if buyers can’t see your home IN PERSON, they’re going to move on and likely won’t be back.

Oh, and restricting buyers agents from previewing because of a dog…..the buyers hear about that and they don’t react kindly!

Most buyers (and even agents) are pretty reasonable and we’ll try to work with you but we do need your help so BEFORE your home is on the market come up with some plans to make sure your dog doesn’t sabotage your chances of selling a home in Charlotte NC.

And whatever you do PLEASE do not leave a dog loose inside your house without telling buyers agents in showing instructions…..yes that’s happened to me more than once and I’ve had clients literally turn, walk back to the car and not look back or even give the house another thought….because of a growling dog greeting us when we opened the door.

Selling a home in Charlotte NC with a dog CAN be done, but you will have to take some extra steps ahead of time AND while your home is on the market.

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1 Response to Dear Seller: That Aggressive Dog of Yours IS Hurting Your Chances of Selling Your Charlotte NC Home!!!

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    And also you should take into consideration people with allergies. They will pick up on the presence of a dog even though the dog may not be present. Have plenty or room re-fresheners.

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