Cat Rescue Group in Charlotte NC Competing For a Petco Foundation Grant!


The cat and kitten rescue group Forever Feline Friends in Charlotte NC is in the running for a Petco Foundation Grant. PLEASE take a minute to vote and spread the word to help this amazing local Charlotte rescue group win!

Go to the Petco Foundation’s Facebook Page. Click the “100 Celebrations” Tab. Click “Vote” and Find Forever Feline Friends on page 5 of the entries…then Vote for them, you can vote daily through October 5th!

I have personal experience with this particular rescue and they are AMAZING!!! They pull animals from the Charlotte Animal Care and Control shelter (where space is always an issue), and other area shelters, working not only to save lives but to educate the public about responsible cat and kitten care and the importance of spay/neuter in our own community.

I’m a foster parent for CMPD Animal Care and Control cats and kittens. The first time I heard of the Forever Feline Rescue Group in Charlotte was regarding a foster of mine. This cat (beautiful girl pictured in this post) had been at the shelter for months, then with me for months and Forever Feline pulled her to their rescue back in late spring.

They ended up finding a home for her and she’s doing wonderfully….a beautiful happy ending for a cat that had been abandoned, kenneled, then finally fostered (with me and the rescue) to give her time to find her forever home. And really, sometimes all they need is a little more time.

This local Charlotte NC cat and kitten rescue, Forever Feline Friends does that and so much more for animals in need right here in our own community.  And if you think there isn’t a need, think again.

Please take a minute to VOTE for Forever Feline Friends in the Petco Foundation Grant Contest – go to the Petco Foundation’s Facebook Page, then click the tab (right under the heading picture) that says 100 Celebrations, click “Vote” and the Forever Feline Friends entry is on the bottom of page 5

And….to view their adoptable pets, check out their Petfinder listings!

This TRULY is a local organization that works so hard each and every day to benefit animals and save as many lives as possible in our community. As a shelter foster parent, I’m so thrilled they’re a shelter partner in the effort to help animals AND educate on this community issue.


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