FREE Spay/Neuter Services at Charlotte’s Animal Care and Control


Did you know that there are FREE spay neuter services available for the pets of Mecklenburg County residents?

CMPD’s Animal Care and Control Department accepts applications from county residents and holds a spay/neuter clinic once a month – there is an application and a waiting list and pet owners are encouraged to explore low cost options if able.

If you or anyone you know (living in Mecklenburg County) is interested, visit the CMPD Animal Care and Control Free Spay/Neuter Services Page – where they also provide additional low cost spay/neuter options in our area.

Ok, now here’s where I add my commentary, and fair warning – if you believe companion animals should simply breed and breed and continue to breed because there’s just a shortage of pets in our community… may want to stop reading now.

The reality is that there are FAR too many animals in the Charlotte area and there are simply not enough homes for them. Not as in just a few too many….thousands and thousands too many. Too many adoptable, healthy, potentially wonderful companion animals. AND NOT ENOUGH HOMES OR SPACE FOR THEM.

The only effective solution to reducing the overpopulation of animals is….spay and neuter!!! Which for Mecklenburg county residents, there’s a FREE option as well as other low cost spay neuter options right here in our area.

Companion pets give us their trust and share their love, make us laugh, comfort us, and enrich our lives. That’s the reward of being a pet owner.

The responsibility (aside from basics like food, water, medical care) – is to make sure our companion animals are NOT adding to the already excessive population.

And the fact that there are too many animals and not enough homes….that is a COMMUNITY problem. It’s not a shelter “issue” and it’s not going to get any better without help, support and action from residents in our own community.

And if you are a responsible pet owner, you can still help!!! Spread the word and tell people about the Free Spay/Neuter program, Donate to the spay neuter fund (which funds the free surgeries), Volunteer, Become a Foster Parent to shelter animals (Meck residents over 18 can apply to foster and it is life saving!), Educate others about this heartbreaking community issue.

Why do any of that? Because this community’s problem of pet overpopulation is not going to get better without community support.

Ok, stepping down from my soapbox now, but seriously, please share this information and educate others about the CMPD Animal Care and Control Spay/Neuter Services as well as the other low cost options available to pet owners!

Oh, and the cat at the beginning of this post is my cat Brady (aka Brady Bear because he’s a big teddy bear), adopted from Charlotte Animal Care and Control in January 2008 🙂


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