Incredible Pet Portraits and Pet Ornaments by a Local Charlotte NC Artist


This past Christmas one of the gifts I got for my husband was an ornament.  But it wasn’t just any ornament, it was a really special and one of a kind pet ornament in honor of our cat Tiny.

We had to say goodbye to Tiny last spring and we still miss her terribly.  She was our first cat and while she had some “cattitude” at times we loved her beyond words and I still sometimes expect to see her in her favorite spot on the back of the couch.

At Christmas time, Tiny’s favorite spot was under the tree.  She LOVED the tree each year and thankfully never climbed it but was more often than not nestled beneath the branches.  When it was time for the tree to go each year she gave us some really dirty looks – if we’d kept a tree around all year she’d probably have been thrilled!

So this year I was lucky enough to find an incredibly talented local Charlotte NC artist who does….pet portraits and pet ornaments. Karla’s work is simply amazing.  She created Tiny’s ornament from a photograph!

When I saw the first picture of it and then saw it in person when I picked it up, it was really just incredible what a beautiful and stunningly accurate portrait Karla had been able to create.

If you are or know someone who’s a pet lover and are looking for a really unique and one of a kind gift (even if it’s for yourself!) check out Karla’s Pet Portrait site – Doggies Are From Heaven Pet Portraits and Glass Designs.

And just some advice…order before the holiday rush next year 🙂

I’m so grateful to have heard of Karla’s pet portrait work, and love that she’s a local Charlotte NC artist.  Thanks to her, Tiny will still be with us each year at Christmas and the ornament is one of my absolute favorites.


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