Decadent Brownies, Without Any Flour


I made these brownies for Thanksgiving and they are unbelievably rich and decadent.  And the recipe doesn’t use any flour! 

Instead of flour these brownies are made using almond meal (also called almond flour, it’s ground almonds).

SO much better than any box brownie mix and they’re really not hard to make.  Melting the chocolate and butter together is the longest part of the prep and it’s not difficult, just use a double boiler and keep stirring till melted.

I’ve made brownies from scratch before and these are by far the BEST!!!

For the original recipe – Almond Flour BrowniesThe only substitution I made was to use about a tablespoon of strong coffee in place of the optional instant coffee grounds.  You could probably also use Kahlua too.

I used dark chocolate chips and these brownies came out great.  Definitely keeping this recipe as a favorite dessert!

As for where to find almond meal (almond flour), Trader Joe’s carries it, in their baking section and other stores may also have it in the baking aisle.

My husband’s already told me I have to make sure I buy some more almond flour since I “have to make these again”!

Copyright©2011 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Decadent Brownies, Without Any Flour”


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