Showing Appointments When Selling A Home in Charlotte NC – How You Handle Challenges Might Just Sabotage Your Chances of Selling


Read a blog post by  Paula Hamilton  on 15 Minute Showing Windows (which by the way aren’t recommended. ever!) Paula’s post was well done and she’s right – 15 minutes is not enough time. 

For many reasons not the least of which are multiple showings on the buyers schedule, traffic, different amounts of time spent at each listing on the schedule.

Someone commented on the post (interestingly didn’t give a name but said they were a consumer)….the comments were unpleasant to say the least but essentially stated in some cases sellers just can’t give more than a 15 minute window because of work, pets, any number of other issues.

I disagree.  Not that in some cases sellers might have challenges when it comes to showings.  I disagree that it’s ok to take a stance that buyers can only have a 15 minute window (or any other ridiculous restriction).

Challenges for sellers aren’t excuses or reasons to justify severely limiting access to your Charlotte NC home for sale.  They’re challenges to take into account and figure out how best to problem solve and overcome.

*all of this of course assumes you actually do want to sell your Charlotte NC home*

Pet issues?  What can be done to make showings easier on you, the pets, and buyers?

The pet issue raised in Paula’s post was about an older dog and if crating is not an option can the dog or pet stay with a family member or friend while the house is on the market?

Work schedule issues? What can be done to increase the odds of work time showings being allowed?

It comes down to addressing potential issues ahead of time and coming up with a plan to increase the odds that your home will be available for buyers to see it.

Some plans are easier than others, and there’s no universal solution – together with your listing agent come up with a plan that works.  Because saying NO or you only have 15 minutes is not going to get your home sold anytime soon.

So, you have some issues – let’s figure out the best way to handle those and increase your chances for showing success!

Don’t want to bother problem-solving showing obstacles?  That’s your decision but the highly probably outcome is that you’ll be calling that place home for quite a while.  The choice is yours.

Oh, and to the consumer who commented on Paula’s post….buyers and buyers agents are NOT on the home sellers team, they don’t work for you and the brutally honest truth is that they do not care what issues are going on behind the scenes.  There are plenty of other houses to see, they can and they will eliminate yours without looking back.

Paula ~ thank you for the inspiration and you handled the anonymous comments quite professionally.

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