Quick and Easy Black Bean Recipe

One of my sisters sent me this recipe for black beans and it is SO quick, easy and delicious it’s definitely a keeper.

Works great as a side dish on its own or over some brown rice.  For the full recipe – World Famous Black Beans

Simple (and handy) ingredients like onion, canned black beans, tomato paste, chicken (or vegetable) broth, and a few spices combine in a quick cooking dish that’s really flavorful!

Couple of notes:
– the recipe as is doesn’t make a ton, so if you try it and like it, doubling may be a good idea, or maybe that’s just me since I like dishes that make leftovers 🙂
– the lime is “optional” but I’ve made it with and without….definitely like it better with lime, and I added a little lime zest too
– I’ve added spinach and really liked it, just cut back on the broth a little (I just added maybe 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen Trader Joe’s spinach)
– the picture above isn’t the greatest and it’s during cooking so it does thicken up more than what’s shown!


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