Charlotte NC Sellers, Allowing a Preview Just May Lead to a Showing You Wouldn’t Have Gotten Otherwise


It’s no secret there’s quite a few homes for sale in the Charlotte NC area.  For my buyers, to maximize our time together and focus on the best possible options whenever possible I preview homes before we go out together.

Previewing helps me get the in person view that’s just not possible online (no matter how many or how great the pictures are) and see whether any given home is worth my buyers seeing it for themselves. I can also cover a lot more ground when previewing and then share what I’ve seen with the buyers.  LOVE being able to preview!

Occasionally sellers will refuse a preview request and say “no previews. showings only”.  So thought I’d share how allowing agents to preview your Charlotte NC home for sale may just benefit you.

Allowing previews of your home just may get you a showing that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! Several available listings in a certain neighborhood all had some amount of potential based on the listing/online info.  Just from the online info alone there was one that I was going to put on the showing schedule for the buyers to see.

But….I wasn’t quite convinced it really was the best possible option so off I went to preview.

Turns out the one that “looked” like the  best match online wasn’t a good match in person. At all. While one of the ones that I really wasn’t planning on showing to the buyers – turned out to be the one that made the showing list.

When selling your home in Charlotte NC previews by agents are important too!!! They just might lead to a showing that wouldn’t have otherwise happened.

I happen to love previewing homes, there really is no substitute for being in a house and seeing things that pictures just can’t capture.  For better and for worse!

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The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC’s real estate market serving neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

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