Give Me A GOOD Reason Why You Need 24 Hour Notice To Show Your Charlotte NC Home


I’ve really never understood the 24 notice requirement on some Charlotte NC homes for sale.  Ever. It’s always puzzled me and to be honest makes me wonder exactly what kind of wreck your house is that it takes 24 HOURS to be ready to show or preview.

So, I’m looking for a GOOD reason why you’d need 24 hour notice for me to show your home.

Not ’cause that’s what you want, or what works for you or how much time you’re comfortable with. A good, valid, reasonable explanation exactly why you’d make it difficult for buyers and buyers agents to see your home.

When your Charlotte NC home is on the market it’s NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about getting as many buyers and buyer’s agents to come and see your home in person as possible.  When your home is on the market it’s a product and needs to be accessible not off limits and only available when the stars align and the weather conditions make you say “this is a good day to show my house”.

So back to the 24 notice requirement (big flashing sign saying I’m going to be difficult!) for showings….is it really that black and white? For a 10am appt tomorrow if I make a request at 11am today that’s just an automatic NO….that one hour meant your house wouldn’t be ready?  Give me a break.  (and yes that has and does happen)

SELLERS… buyers hear about accessibility issues with previews and/or showings and I can assure you it doesn’t do you any favors.

If you’re serious about selling your Charlotte NC home it has to be accessible.  End of story. Or you’ll be calling it home longer than you expected.

Now, I asked for reasons so please if you have a good, valid, reasonable explanation for a strict 24 notice policy on showings… I’m all ears 🙂  Oh and pets don’t count, that factor should be planned for before the home is listed.

And just to point out I’m not talking about tenant occupied homes.  Different issues can be at work there and I get that, this is all about regular homeowners who claim they would like to be sellers.

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