Home Buyer Question: Who Will Be At The Closing?


In NC, we have a closing (or settlement) meeting which is when all of the deed, loan and settlement statement documents are signed, funds are collected – the final paperwork before the property can be transferred and recorded or officially closed.

A pretty common question for Charlotte NC home buyers is who will be at the closing (meeting)?

For my clients –  You the home buyer will be thereI will be there with youThe closing attorney will also definitely be there.

Other people who may or may not be at the closing/settlement meeting – The listing agent.  The seller(s) – if it’s a bank owned home they won’t be attending.  Your loan officer may or may not attend as well.

The closing/settlement meeting is almost the end of your home buying journey.  It has to happen before the deed can be recorded and you become the official homeowner.

How long does the closing/settlement meeting take? When buying a home in Charlotte NC, generally somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour.

Before we get to the closing/settlement meeting we’ll have seen the final settlement statement workout, you’ll know the amount of certified funds you need to bring with you and we’ll have been able to verify that your loan details and monthly mortgage payment are what you were expecting.

So if you’re buying a home in Charlotte NC, you and I will be at the closing/settlement meeting together just as we’ve gone through the rest of the home buying process and we’ll have some company at the meeting at the very least with the attorney handling all of the documents (and money!).

It’s one of the last steps to completing your home buying journey successfully and for my home buyer clients we’ll attend it together.

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2 thoughts on “Home Buyer Question: Who Will Be At The Closing?

  1. A commonly asked real estate question that you answered perfectly. If at all possible, it’s a great idea for the Realtors involved in the transaction to be present. On the rare occasion you can’t attend, send a trusted agent from the office. Buyers/sellers will appreciate that someone is there with them.

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