Ever Done It On The Living Room Floor?

Have you ever done it on the living room floor? I have.  I’ve also done it on the kitchen table, in my car, at coffee shops, restaurants, at a local park, at my clients offices/jobs, even in a home that’s listed for sale.

Done what? Write an offer with my home buyers….where was your mind going?

I recently wrote an offer with buyers on their living room floor and it got me thinking about all the “unconventional” places offers to buy a home are written.  For me at least, they don’t happen in some sterile office environment or even during a set time.

They happen when a number of factors come together and it’s time for the buyers to make an offer…and that can happen in any number of different settings, yes even with me sitting on the buyer’s living room floor.

I’ve presented offers and put together counteroffers with client’s children sitting on my lap, gotten initials and paperwork changes done in my car on their break from work, met cooperating agents in a public place to deliver or pick up documents (that couldn’t be scanned or emailed).

The thing is, real estate happens in real life, at real moments in the lives of real people.  It can’t be contained or confined to four walls or a computer.  It’s well…real and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s moments of pure joy.  It’s quite often unpredictable.

The “real” factor in buying or selling real estate is hard to define since it’ll mean something a little different to every home buyer or seller but to me that’s one of the most beautiful aspects of this profession.  It’s part of what makes me absolutely LOVE what I do for a living.

So, what’s the most unusual place you’ve ever done it?

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Joyfully divorced, Diane is passionate about sharing her story, experience, wisdom and insight from this beautifully brutal life. Passionate about heartfelt connection in all areas of her life she is a public introvert and most enjoys connecting with and spending quality time with friends, chosen family and clients that are uplifting and inspiring. Her core values of connection, humor, integrity, authentic alignment influence all aspects of her life. She is intentional in all that she does. Diane is the founder and owner of Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services and McDermott Real Estate LLC
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