Let’s Just Keep Making Offers, The More The Better! Well, I Guess That’s One Approach to Buying a Home in Charlotte NC


Chatting with one of my buyers recently they mentioned that some of their friends (who are also in the home buying process right now) have been making offers on a number of homes for a while now but nothing’s worked out and they’re no closer to actually buying a home. 

My buyer asked if that was “normal” to just keep making offers (sometimes more than one offer at a time).

Yes, sometimes it happens that buyers go through more than one offer or even contract before reaching a closing table and actually buying a home

BUT to “just keep making offers” in the hopes something “sticks” isn’t my approach to working with home buyers.  Call me what you will but I prefer oh, I don’t know a more careful approach.

See putting together offers is time-consuming and it’s a BIG step for a buyer.  It puts them into anxiety and stress mode, it’s a big deal.  So I prefer before we invest our time and energy in that offer process that my buyers are really sure, have really thought about and are really ready to make an offer on THAT Charlotte NC home for sale.

Making offer, after offer, after offer is going to exhaust a home buyer pretty quickly and may or may not get them any closer to actually buying a home!!! 

Is it totally unusual for buyers to go through making an offer on more than one house before they successfully buy a home?  No, not at all.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work out for any number of reasons.

That’s not the same thing though as using a more-is-better method  for offers during the home buying process in Charlotte NC. I’m not a fan of that methodThe chances of an offer getting to a contract and then actually closing have nothing to do with whether it’s your first or 500th offer to purchase a home!

Throwing offers out to see what sticks and figuring something will eventually work is in my opinion just a little reckless and I happen to think the home buying process deserves more respect than that.

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