Wow, That’s a Great Home Buyer Incentive! Or Is It????


Checking on some local Charlotte NC neighborhood real estate activity I noticed a home buyer incentive that I can’t say I’ve ever seen before in the remarks of one of the real estate listings.

Essentially the agent noted that the sellers would pay for the entire portion of 2010 property taxes and homeowners association dues if the house went under contract by a deadline that’s already passed (early Fall 2010).

My first thought was “hmm, that’s creative” but of course I had to dig a little deeper and see what tremendous value this incentive would be to a home buyer.  Turns out, the “incentive” these sellers were offering amounted to less than $250 for a contract signed close to the deadline. 

So for less than the cost of a home warranty, this home buyer incentive is supposed to make your home stand out from the competing homes for sale?

Needless to say it apparently wasn’t the magic remedy for this listing which is still on the market as active – and reflecting that buyer incentive even though the deadline’s come and gone.

It’s a creative home buyer incentive, it caught my attention!  But as far as effective…..I’m not convinced especially after I worked out the actual value of the incentive.

No home buyer incentive is EVER going to have the power to change how your home shows, what features it has, or how it compares to other competing Charlotte NC area real estate listings and what value it offers for the price.

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