What I Won’t Tell You and Your Listing Agent, But I WILL Tell My Buyers….


Dear Charlotte NC home seller, there’s a little secret I won’t be sharing with you or your listing agent but you can bet I WILL be sharing it with my home buyers.   See there’s a problem with your house that is going to keep us from viewing your home while we’re out in your neighborhood.

What’s the problem?  It’s simple really…you’re OVERPRICED!!!!  Not just by a little, not by an amount that may be within a realistic negotiable range.  Your Charlotte NC home for sale is priced so far above the real estate market reality it’s not worth our time to go and look at it.

Why?  Well, dear Charlotte NC home seller the thing is, there’s plenty of other available homes for sale that have MORE to offer in terms of features/property/layout and condition that are priced LESS than yours.  So my buyers and I are going to focus our time and energy on evaluating those homes for sale and we’ll just leave yours to, well, you.

With some recent buyer clients of mine, I’d gone out and previewed all of the homes in a Charlotte NC neighborhood that were listed up to a certain price point.  There were THREE listings that immediately got cut from the showing schedule with the buyers. 

Not that they were awful homes, some were quite nice.  But the list prices were so blatantly out of line with what else was available in the neighborhood they were eliminated immediately. 

While my buyers and I were in the neighborhood we actually passed by some of the overpriced houses.  I’d shared with them all about what I’d seen and found while previewing and exactly why we weren’t viewing those homes.  They agreed with me that they were a waste of time and passing by one of them actually shook their heads in disbelief at the list price and said “For that?  No way!”

This is one of the reasons I do like to preview homes and at the end of the day it allows me to share with my buyer clients what’s worth their time to view and what’s simply overpriced or what you might call real estate market clutter.  Will I share that with the seller and listing agent?  No way!!!  But my buyers will most definitely hear about it.

Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “What I Won’t Tell You and Your Listing Agent, But I WILL Tell My Buyers….”


The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC’s real estate market serving neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

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Joyfully divorced, Diane is passionate about sharing her story, experience, wisdom and insight from this beautifully brutal life. Passionate about heartfelt connection in all areas of her life she is a public introvert and most enjoys connecting with and spending quality time with friends, chosen family and clients that are uplifting and inspiring. Her core values of connection, humor, integrity, authentic alignment influence all aspects of her life. She is intentional in all that she does. Diane is the founder and owner of Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services and McDermott Real Estate LLC
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