Charlotte NC Home Improvement Tips – Transform Your Door’s Hardware


If your home’s for sale, don’t neglect your front door hardware!  I see old, worn, awful looking front door hardware ALL the time on Charlotte NC homes listed for sale.  

Instead of ranting about how hideous it looks and affects buyer impressions (which it does), I’ll actually share a solution that won’t break the bank.

Entry door hardware is expensive, and if it’s looking less than pristine or could use some “help” showing off your lovely Charlotte NC home for sale consider giving it a facelift with spray paint.

Seriously, I just did this with my own storm door hardware.  I have an extreme aversion to gold and brass hardware and it’s kind of a mission to eradicate it from my home. 

My home’s storm door had the offensive gold handle and lock.  But instead of replacing the entire storm door (not in the budget right now) I used a can of Rustoleum spray paint and changed the finish – now it has an updated (aged bronze metallic) finish and looks like new instead of weathered and worn.

For less than $10 (I think it was $6 or so at Home Depot), voila!  Transformed and updated door hardware! 

If your home is (or will be) listed for sale in Charlotte NC’s real estate market, take a look at your front door’s hardware and if it’s looking a little worn you don’t have to go out and replace it, just change or freshen up the finish.

For home buyers…..this may come in handy for you too and it’s a cost effective way to customize your home’s door hardware without breaking the bank.

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