How to Opt Out of Yellow Pages Home Delivery


Did you know there’s a way to opt out of those straight to the recycling bin oh so helpful Yellow Pages home deliveries?  Apparently the Yellow Pages Association has a consumer choice website where you can choose to opt out if you’re not interested in receiving your local Yellow Book or other directory.

Visit Yellow Pages Association Opt Out, enter your zip code and you’ll get the results for the local directories that send out publications – from there you can enter your mailing address information to control what if any directories get delivered to you.

I don’t know about you but each and every time one of those books is delivered to my front doorstep it gets a one way express ticket to my recycling container.  Being able to opt out and save them from sending me one – awesome!!!!

In my area of Charlotte NC, there were 2 results for local directory publishers – AT&T and the YellowBook, both had opt out pages and honestly I had no idea I was receiving so many publications. 

If you’d like to stop unnecessary home delivery of Yellow Pages or other local directory publications, check out Yellow Pages Association Consumer Choice Opt Out

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