Charlotte NC Area’s Newest TCBY is Now Open at Birkdale Village


The newest self serve TCBY store opens today at Birkdale Village in Huntersville NC.  Now Huntersville and Lake Norman area residents have their very own TCBY location to enjoy!

The Birkdale TCBY will host a Grand Opening celebration on Saturday October 23rd when guests are invited to stop by and enjoy a FREE cup of frozen yogurt. 

Of course if you can’t wait till the 23rd, they are open as of today October 13th (11am-11pm Mon-Thurs, 11am-midnight Fri/Sat, 11am-10pm Sun).

I haven’t had a  chance to stop by the Birkdale location yet, but did want to share the Grand Opening news for any interested Huntersville or Lake Norman folks.  Be sure to check them out on facebook: Birkdale Village TCBY, where they share daily flavors and they do also post occasional facebook fan promotions.

You can also check out my reviews of the Colony Place TCBY Store and the Blakeney TCBY store, all are Charlotte area stores recently opened by the same local owner Sam Batt who’s now brought TCBY to Birkdale.

So get excited Huntersville and Lake Norman, you now have your very own TCBY store at Birkdale Village!

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