I Won’t Do Dual Agency, And That’s My Decision to Make


In NC there’s such a thing as “dual agency” where one real estate broker represents BOTH buyer and seller….in the same transaction.   So, NC says it’s an option.  I politely say “No, thank you”.

See, loyalty is a big deal to me.  When I’m working with a buyer OR with a seller it’s important for me to be able to be loyal to them, have their goals paramount and be 100% on their team (that doesn’t mean we always agree, but we’re always on the same team!)

I simply don’t feel that I’d be able to be completely fair, impartial and give the same level of service in a dual agency scenario, because really in dual agency loyalty is what gets sacrified immediately – you can’t serve two masters at 100%, in my opinion anyway.  Not to mention that you also sacrifice the ability to give advice to either party during any and all negotiations!

When I work with a client, whether they’re buying or selling a home in Charlotte NC I get to know a LOT about them, their family their personal wants/needs/preferences, some pretty personal information, not to mention their personalities!  For me, it’s just not worth it to even consider representing them AND the other party.  

When I’m representing a buyer or a seller, we’ve gotten to know each other and decided to work together. I’ve committed to them and vice versa.  I don’t take that commitment lightly.

Do I work with buyers and sellers? Yep, just never both as clients on the same transaction, it’s either/or.  I’m the seller’s agent OR the buyer’s agent.  For me there is no option to be a “dual agent”, I just won’t go there.

Dual agency sure is an option for consumers and real estate professionals here in NC (and I believe other areas as well), it’s just an option I choose to decline.

For consumers: ASK your agent how they handle and what their policy is on dual agency!!!  You, as the client have the right to decide how you’re represented and it’s best to address the topic upfront instead of as an afterthought.

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