It’s All About Flexibility


The real estate world is simply all about flexibility.  For those of us who work in the real estate industry everyday flexibility is pretty much a given but it’s relevant for home buyers and sellers too.

Flexibility isn’t about giving in, giving up, getting walked all over or conceding.  It’s about being able (and willing) to shift, change and adjust with circumstances.

It’s about active problem solving and keeping your goal in view instead of trying to manipulate, control and micromanage each and every detail along the way. 

For home buyers and sellers it’s about keeping an open mind.   Your journey to successfully buying a home or selling a home in Charlotte NC is not going to not end up looking exactly as you envisioned. 

It’s pretty much certain that your journey will lead you to encounter obstacles, stumbling blocks, challenges.  It’s up to you how you’ll choose to respond.

When challenges do come up, flexibility will give you a better shot at adjusting without breaking…..and making it successfully to the end of your Charlotte NC home buying or selling journey in one piece.

Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “It’s All About Flexibility”


The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in Charlotte NC’s real estate market serving neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

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Joyfully divorced, Diane is passionate about sharing her story, experience, wisdom and insight from this beautifully brutal life. Passionate about heartfelt connection in all areas of her life she is a public introvert and most enjoys connecting with and spending quality time with friends, chosen family and clients that are uplifting and inspiring. Her core values of connection, humor, integrity, authentic alignment influence all aspects of her life. She is intentional in all that she does. Diane is the founder and owner of Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services and McDermott Real Estate LLC
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