All Caulk Is Not Created Equal


One of the most common mistakes when choosing (and using) caulk is failing to check the type of caulk you’re using. 

Not all caulking products are created equal, and when using them next to any kind of paintable surface (walls, ceilings, moldings)….make sure you’re using a product that’s paintable.   It can save you a HUGE headache later on!

Ok, I’ve made the mistake myself before in our old house and caught it before it was too big of a pain to redo.  Since that mistake I’ve always double and triple checked that I’m using a paintable product.  For kitchens and bathrooms, there are silicone caulk products that are in fact paintable, it’ll say it on the label.

What’s the big deal?  Well….paint simply will not stick to an UNpaintable caulk product.  So if it’s applied next to or on a paintable surface (think the gap of crown molding or some other seam) and you go to paint that area the paint will actually separate from it, it will not stick and will not dry.

I’ve been repainting one of our bathrooms and it’s taken me at least three times as long as it should have because at some point unpaintable caulk was used and it’s been a mess. 

After I finally got the ceiling and all of the trim re-done, prepped and painted I went to start edging in the wall paint…..there were spots on the walls too that weren’t readily visible but sure enough in random places the paint would not stick.  I seriously almost cried I was so beyond frustrated with that room!

On the bright side the bathroom is looking great but it’s been a tedious and loooooong process.

So before you go ahead and re-caulk anywhere in your home, check the label and make sure it’s paintable.  And if you ever hire anyone to do work especially in a kitchen or bathroom make sure they’re using an appropriate product too!

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