It Won’t Change Your Home’s Value But It WILL Impact How It’s Perceived


 The curb appeal of your home goes beyond having a well manicured lawn, flowers and landscaping to greet home buyers as they arrive to critique tour your home.  Those things are all important, but don’t overlook the impact that your exterior color choices can have on buyer perception!

 Buyers can be kinda critical and some might say harsh.  They really don’t mean to be (in most cases) but let’s face it, these days they have a LOT of options to consider and to a buyer it’s not your “home” it’s just another “house”.  They’re not going to waste time and they’ll be onto the next option in no time.

 Consider a personal observation.  Ok, maybe not totally personal since I am a real estate broker and I’ll admit I’m always noticing, observing, checking out houses.  I can’t turn it off, I swear I try sometimes, I’m just so inherently curious I find myself noticing houses all the time!

In one of the neighborhoods that I run in occasionally, not too long ago I passed a house that happened to be on the market.  And I noticed it more than the others for sale in that neighborhood.  But not because it was so stunning. 

 I noticed it because the home’s trim/shutter/front door color combination was um, interesting.  They didn’t really clash exactly but they didn’t blend and harmonize either.  They were clearly something the homeowners liked but as I passed it I thought how much different that house might look with a more uniform color scheme.

 Fast forward a few weeks.  I passed the same house again and this time almost stopped as I was running.  The house had gotten a fresh coat of trim/shutter/front door paint that MATCHED.  The house had a completely different look to it.  Really, I had to go and check on mls that it was the same house! 

  It was indeed the same house, and a simple adjustment of exterior (easily changed) color choices had a huge impact on how that house looked, how it was perceived from street. 

 So no, changing or updating the exterior trim colors of your home won’t add to it’s realistic market value and it won’t make up for overpricing but it WILL impact how your home’s perceived.  For better or worse….

 The house that inspired this post?  It’s now under contract (and no I’m not the listing agent or the buyers agent for it).  Did that adjustment lead to an offer?  Probably not all on its own, but in my opinion it really was a great move by the homeowners and shifted the entire curb appeal of that house. 

  When selling your Charlotte NC home, don’t ignore or underestimate the perception factor and the things you can do to make your home look even more appealing to home buyers!!!

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Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “It Won’t Change Your Home’s Value But It WILL Impact How It’s Perceived”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, NC Residential Real Estate Broker in south Charlotte NC

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