The “Does Not Convey” List – Some Advice for Charlotte NC Home Sellers


    When selling your Charlotte NC home the “fixtures” are to remain with the home and convey to the buyer.  So anything permanently attached is supposed to be left in the house and not removed by the home seller.

   Some homeowners are tempted to put together a “Does Not Convey” laundry list of things they’re not willing to leave with the house and plan on taking with them when they move out.

   From window blinds to light fixtures and ceiling fans to shelving, even pot racks, windows and yard fixtures, these “do not convey” lists can get quite impressive. 

  Well, maybe they’re impressive to the homeowner.  Not to home buyers, especially when they make no mention that the seller will offer any replacement….yeah the thought of gaping holes where the light fixtures used to be makes buyers fall in love.  Hmmm, not so much.

   When selling your home in Charlotte NC if there are things that you’re not willing to leave behind…..REPLACE them before your house is ever listed!!!!  Before a single picture is taken, before the first buyer walks through that door replace anything (attached to the house) that you’re not willing to leave for the new homeowner.

   Having a “does not convey” list does NOT make your home more appealing to buyers.  In fact it can have the opposite effect and flash warning lights to buyers that you’re going to be difficult, potentially unreasonable and want all terms strictly in your favor.  Not exactly the impression you want to give, at least not if you actually want to sell that house.

  Look, in many cases you may be unhappy with your Charlotte NC home’s current value and be tempted to use the “does not convey” tactic to recoup some of the money you’ve spent on improvements.   After all, those blinds were expensive and you’re sure you can find some way to use them elsewhere, if not at least you won’t have “given them away” to the buyer.

   If you’re selling your Charlotte NC home and are going to take some fixtures or items with you, please take them down, pack them up and replace them before inviting buyers into your home.  

  Having a laundry list of things you won’t leave with the house is not going to help you stand out from the (many) competing homes for sale, in fact it can have the opposite effect and make your home less appealing!

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