Healthy Home Market in Charlotte NC – More than Just a Store

Charlotte NC’s Healthy Home Market (formerly the Home Economist) is more than a natural and specialty food store, this local Charlotte business offers community events and sessions many of which are FREE.

Located in the Sedgefield neighborhood shopping center just south of Uptown Charlotte, the Healthy Home Market is a locally owned business (that’s been around nearly 30 years!) with a focus on community.

Events and discussions are held throughout the month at Charlotte’s Healthy Home Market in the community room inside the store.

Topics and information cover a wide range of topics everything from tai chi, yoga, reiki, raw foods and nutrition to spinal screenings, TMJ pain relief and acudetox, there’s a great variety of sessions all with a focus on healthy lifestyle resources.

I talked with the Healthy Home Market’s staff about their community events program, and the way they described the foundation for it was as an effort to connect people in the community with local practitioners and providing educational healthy lifestyle information….as a healthy living resource for people in the Charlotte community.

Most of their events are FREE to attend (you can register online or by calling the Vitamin Dept), the ones that have a fee typically include either food or an actual session of treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Charlotte’s Healthy Home Market visit their website: The Healthy Home Market in Charlotte NC

To browse and learn more about the upcoming events at the Healthy Home Market: Events at Charlotte NC’s Healthy Home Market.

To connect with the market, check out their facebook page: Healthy Home Market in Charlotte NC Facebook

If you’ve never been to Charlotte’s Healthy Home Market before it really is unique, not your average food store! In addition to the South Blvd store, there are also locations on Independence Blvd in Charlotte and Griffith St in Davidson NC.

Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Healthy Home Market in Charlotte NC – More than Just a Store”

*Disclaimer: I’m not compensated by or affiliated with the Healthy Home Market, this post is just to share some local Charlotte area healthy living resource information for those who may be interested*


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