Endings and New Beginnings….


    I don’t help people buy or sell a Charlotte NC house.  Well, ok, maybe that’s technically what’s happening but I happen to think it’s about much more than that.

    It’s really all about endings and new beginnings for our clients.  Maybe it’s just my opinion but I do think there’s a bigger picture involved and it’s not just about finding a house to buy or successfully selling your current Charlotte NC home.

    The home buying or selling process is one of transition.  It’s a milestone and it ALWAYS involves endings and new beginnings in our clients lives.  

    Sometimes joyful, sometimes bittersweet but at the end of the home buying or selling journey what it really comes down to is the opportunity for that home buyer or seller to open and walk through the door to the next chapter in their lives.

    It’s a process and it isn’t always easy.  Change and transition involve stress, anxiety, being out of the “comfort zone” and in chaos during the transition.

    Admittedly right now there’s a lot more joy for Charlotte NC home buyers and for home sellers relief may be a more accurate emotion at the end of the home selling process.

   We walk with our clients through a transitional phase in their lives.  We learn about their hopes, dreams, why they’re trying to get to wherever they’re going.  We listen to their fears, concerns and frustration along the way. 

   We’re with them as they make progress toward that new beginning and go through the process of ending wherever they’re coming from.  We’re there when setbacks or detours come up along the way, and when they clear hurdles that once seemed so daunting.

   When it all comes together (sometimes after many months or even years!) we celebrate with them, congratulate them on getting to that new beginning they’ve been working toward.  Because it HAS been a process and it’s often not easy. 

    It’s an amazing thing to be a part of people’s lives while they’re going through transition (but it’s by no means all smiles and laughter, I’ve listened to my fair share of venting and frustration from clients!). 

   It’s actually a really incredible moment to witness a home buyer or home seller reach that point they’ve been working toward.    To watch a home seller literally end one chapter but gain the freedom to move forward.   To be there as a home buyer gets the keys to the place they will now call home. 

    And again maybe it’s just my opinion but I consider it a privilege to be a part of such a personal process.   One that’s meaningful to that home  buyer or home seller for their own unique reasons.

    Sure we deal with the Charlotte NC home buying or selling process.  But it really is about more than that, it’s about endings and new beginnings for our clients and transition in THEIR lives.  

    We tell our clients (or I do anyway) to keep the “big picture” in mind….that’s good advice for us agents too.  There’s a personal aspect to what we do every day and I for one think it’s important not to lose sight of that.  Because it IS personal to our home buyers and sellers.

    At the end of the day, it’s about helping our clients move forward toward that new beginning in their lives, whatever that may mean to them….

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Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Endings and New Beginnings”


About dianemcdermott

Diane is deeply passionate about serving single and divorced women home buyers, first time home buyers and new to the area buyers navigate the Charlotte area home buying process. Having navigated separation and divorce she has immense respect for the stress of transition and need for a home living situation that supports and nurtures. She connects and guides clients as they navigate the home buying process, transitioning to a space they'll love calling home. McDermott Real Estate
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