Changes to Recycling in Charlotte NC

        Changes to residential recycling pick up in Charlotte NC take effect next week (starting July 5th).

     The changes for Charlotte residents include moving from a weekly pick up to every other week recycling collection, and the option to use the green recycling rollout containers provided by the city for recycling items.

    In addition, many households will also have a new trash collection day assigned.   To check whether your home’s scheduled trash collection day will change next week – Charlotte, Mecklenburg County Address Search and you can also view a map of the updated trash/recycling collection days at Charlotte Solid Waste Services New Collection Day Schedule

    Moving from weekly to every other week recycling collection for Charlotte residents isn’t the only change coming to the city’s recycling program next week (trash and yard waste will still be collected weekly).  

   Starting the week of July 5, 2010 Charlotte residents will be able to recycle a larger variety of items including plastics with recycling codes 1-5 and 7, wax coated milk and juice containers, juice boxes and aerosol cans in addition to the already acceptable recyclable items – What Items Are Accepted for Recycling in Charlotte NC or for a graphic of what items are accepted for recycling in Charlotte – Acceptable Recycling Items

    If you choose NOT to use the green rollout recycling container, you can still use up to two of the red recycling bins, and can also schedule to have the green bin picked up by the city – Request Pick Up of Green Rollout Recycling Bin in Charlotte

   Personally, I like that Charlotte’s expanding the amount of items that are accepted for recycling….but I’m not sure I’ll be using the new green container.  It’s the same size as the trash container and I really don’t know that I want two of those taking up space in my driveway.  At least there’s a choice and they’ll still collect from the red containers we’ve been using.

    If you’ve recently bought a home in Charlotte, it’s probably a really good idea to double check whether your trash and recycling collection day will be changing next week.  It’s possible the collection day the former owners were used to may be changing.

Copyright©2010 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Changes to Recycling in Charlotte NC”


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